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Tretorn "Trainer" Ball Review

Before buying a bucket of the Tretorn "Trainer" Balls we did an extensive Google search for any on-line reviews, but unfortunately come up empty. Due to the very attractive price of these balls compared to some of their other pressure-less offerings and our very good experience with Tretorn's "Micro X" balls, we decided to give them a try.

We tested them on artificial grass and found them to be perhaps a little less bouncy than the more expensive "Micro X" balls, but still very playable. A far more serious problem developed after only 5-7 hours of play, when the felt began to peel off at the seam. At first we thought it was just one bad sample, but then pretty much every ball developed the exact same problem (see image below)!

Tretorn Trainer Tennis Balls

It would appear that these "Trainer" balls are of inferior quality to Tretorn's massively popular "Micro X" balls, and that they should not be used for regular play. They may be better suited to coaching, where balls are fed one by one and get much less hits per hour compared to a typical club game situation.

It is for this reason that we have reduced the price of these balls to just €1.50 per ball, where we believe that you will still get your money's worth out of them. We will also give you an additional 20% discount on quantities over 10 balls.

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